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Choosing Domain Names: Factors to take into account

Before registering domain names try and ensure that it has most of the following characteristics. This may take a little time, but the effort will pay dividends.

Choosing the best possible domain name can make a significant difference to visitor traffic. Just by including your keywords you can improve your search engine listings. Because some names are easier to remember.

Be easy to be understood when spoken aloud.

For example, domain names like might be heard as or even! (see 'telephone test' below)

Include your most important keywords

Example Some search engines give better listings to sites that include important keywords in their domain names. Think of keywords that people might search for when looking for what you have to offer

Of course, it is usually impossible to include all the above characteristics in domain names (especially since many names are already taken) but they ARE worth TRYING to achieve before your domain name registration.

Some believe that using a hyphen between words helps search engines differentiate between words.

For example that is better than But, be warned, such domain names can be difficult to communicate over a telephone! Many people are not sure whether a hyphen is a - or a _ or a ~ !

The Telephone Test

Domain names MUST be able to pass the telephone test. Try saying your potential domain names to several people over the telephone. Do you find that you have to spell it out? If so your choice could be a mistake!

More than one Domain Name?

You might wish to include several keywords in your domain name, for example: BUT, this is going to be difficult to communicate over the telephone and is rather long for the printed media. A solution is to also register You then 'point' the latter at the former and get the best of both worlds.

Enter the domain and tld you wish to use in the boxes below and click Lookup to see whether the domain is available for purchase.


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