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Web Hosting

Customers rely on your website as a means of communication and interaction so it is critical that your site remains up and running. At Jetline, our hosting and support plans do much more than just ensure your site is available.

We offer a wide range of plans to meet your business requirements all of which utilize high-performance, reliable Linux based platforms. Our support team will work to keep your website fresh and optimized so your Internet marketing produces the desired results.

Our Hosting & Support services include:
  • Managed hosting
  • Updates to site content
  • Visitor tracking
  • Telephonic & Email support
  • Dedicated Linux servers
  • Full Control over your hosting with Cpanel
We also offer customized hosting plans for companies with dedicated hosting or specialized requirements.

Web Hosting Plans

  • Setup fee of R250 once off annually per website for domain registration.
  • Additional domains pointed to your website will be charged at R200 per domain.
  • Additional email addresses will be charged at R35 each.
  • Additional Bandwidth over your allotted quota will be charged at R50/GB
Disk Space (MB)100 MB250 MB500 MB1 GB
Data Transfer (GB)1 GB2 GB3 GB5 GB
Multiple Domain Name Aliasing
Domain Registrations
SSL & https:// Available
Custom Spam Filters
Admin & User Control Panels
Web Traffic Analyzer & Logs
FrontPage Extensions
Sub-Domain Interface
Linux/Unix Based Servers
E-mail Accounts (POP3 & IMAP)23515
E-mail Alias 1235
E-mail Forwarding & Vacation23515
E-mail Catch-All Accounts
E-mail Group Alias & Forwarding
E-mail Control Panel
Java Applet, Flash and Multimedia Support
Server Side Includes (SSI)xxx
PHP Support
MySQL Database(s) 1235

Email Only Hosting Plans

Email hosting is the process of setting up email accounts that correspond with your business name for your email, for example

This Email Only Hosting gives you a more professional image whilst giving you great value for money at the same time.

Businesses and individuals can opt for this email service to:

  • Improve your business correspondence with clients.
  • Create and maintain a professional edge in today's competitive marketplace.
  • Improve client and customer perception of your business.
  • Setup fee of R250 once off annually per domain registration
  • Additional email addresses will be charged at R35 each
  • Additional Bandwidth over your allotted quota will be charged at R50/GB
Disk Space (MB)100 MB250 MB500 MB1 GB
Disk Space (MB) 1 GB2 GB3 GB5 GB
Custom Spam Filters
E-mail Accounts (POP3 & lMAP)1257
E-mail Alias0123
E-mail Forwarding & Vacation
E-mail Control Panel

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we will provide you with answers to commonly asked questions about effective website design strategies.

Q: If I use your web hosting & email facilities can you provide Spam filtering services?

A: Yes, each hosting package includes spam filtering and a web interface to manage white lists and blacklists

Q: Can I have a professional email address?

A: Yes, each hosting packages comes with an allotted amount of email addresses, some companies have still not realized how important their email communications are. Your email address may actually be more important to your image than your logo, letterhead or business cards combined!

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